Tree ReflectionAnd I shall be planted like a tree beside the waters and my roots will go down deep.  I shall not easily be moved and I shall produce fruit even in my old age.  Psalm 1.

Mona's Blog

A Prophetic calling:

Hello, my name is Mona McReynolds (maiden name, Amos).   I am currently 63 years old, married for 23 years, have 2 grown sons and have been single now for almost 20 years.   I have always believed in God Jehovah, his Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, have always been a seeker and hopefully I will share some things on my blog that will help, encourage, make you laugh or roll your eyes!  LOL

I have something to say as God made me to speak, yes… to use my mouth to declare and decree His thoughts and to share what I have learned with others.   That’s why this blog…to speak without being shut down to operate in the calling that He has given and I believe I was born for such a time as the BLOG community and internet.   My family and friends tease me about being so blunt and/or direct in speech, but I have to call things as I see them as that is part of being who I am in the Lord.   As a messenger, I do try to use wisdom and grace when delivering “the message” whatever it may be.

Took me a lot of years to recognize my prophetic calling and gifting, but I finally did and now I plan to move forward in this fashion and modality to achieve the assignment and goal that is set before me.

As a child I grew up asking a lot of questions, explored everything much to my mother’s dismay.   All she wanted was a quiet, girly girl with manners and a sweet disposition.   And, oh did I mention, she was a died in the wool Southern Bell, who was taught little girls were “seen, not heard.”   Never did like that saying and had a hard time keeping my mouth shut, especially if I did not understand or if I sensed something was not right (which was the gift of spiritual discernment kicking in)…then came the questions.

Little did she know that God had given me an inquisitive mind and a heart to know Him and how everything works.   I came to learn this was not a gift that everyone had or even appreciated.   It alienated me a lot, irritated others around me a lot, and I was lonely and seemed to get along better with adults than with other children.   I could just not understand why they did not want to know things like I did, why they did not see what I saw.  ( I have closed visions and dreams, and thought everyone had those, but apparently not and those also took time to learn to understand).  But all in all, I had pretty much a normal school life, hard at times and I struggled (especially with math) but I made it to the 10th grade and all of a sudden, school got easier or I got smarter…not sure which, but I graduated with a B+ average.

During this blog I will share some experiences in hopes it will help others on their journey.   (This will be a work in progress).   I am blessed in that I have been given a good singing voice and the ability to play my guitar.  I  have recorded some songs professionally that I hope to post on this blog so that you can hear and be blessed.  (As soon as I can find the appropriate plug-in for them).

I also am going to share some quilts that I have made that are of a prophetic nature and some that are not.   I have stories to tell about each one.   I paint, mostly landscapes and love to work with paint I love acrylic and have learned to use them like oil paints; not quite the same, but it is a good trade off.

I graduated from Burgess High in El Paso, Texas, went for about 1 years to college, got married there and had 2 sons.  Was married 23 years, have been single for almost 20 years now and have been a medical transcriptionist for years…hopeing to retire soon. As such I have leaned to communicate by writing and transcribing.   God knows how to sharpen our skills for His pleasure and purposes and everything I went through as a child and young person has prepared me for now.

Here on my blog, I am going to teach/preach/prophesy/share as led by the Holy Spirit.   I am going to address issues that I feel He wants me to and speak out as He leads.   I think one of my first issues will be on the subject of  “Why does everyone blame God for all the bad stuff that happens?”   I am so tired of hearing that question when something bad happens or a loved one suffers or dies.   It just puzzels me that people for the most part are so ignorant of the scriptures and of knowing God.  It is one thing to know about God but quite another to know Him and His ways, to have a close relationship with Him and His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit. (One God manifested in 3 persons…He is so big, He needed 3 persons to express ALL of his attributes and greatness).

So, there you have a short background on why this blog.  It is a platform that I can use to share, to speak, to encourage…to do what I was born to do.   Churches, unfortunately, do not allow for most of its women to speak, much less teach or preach, evangelize or prophesy.  Oh yes, I know there are some who are in places of authority, but still not many compared to the calling of His daughters.   The only ones that do minister are usually under the influence of the spirit of Jezebel and I know the difference when someone is operating under that spirit or the Holy Spirit.  It is God that calls us, not man, no boards, no professors, no colleges, no parents, just Jesus.   He can certainly use all these things for His purposes, but He is not obliged to follow this world’s order of ordaining His called ones.   Sadly, the church has lost much of her discernment and has been instructed in the worlds ways of doing God’s business in a worldly fashion.

It took me a while to learn how to walk in these gifts as the Holy Spirit taught and instructed me and now my hope is to  help others discern what is going on in the Body of Christ and to distinguish between the real and the counterfeit manifestations in the spiritual realm.  (These certainly are the last days and there is so much ignorance, deception, seducing and lying spirits).   Most of the young people do not have a clue how to walk in the Spirit, so hopefully they will ask questions and I will share and encourage for many will not ever learn from their parents who are in a spiritual state of stupor or who have slumbering spirits and/or who deny the power of God, who are content to stay just stay where they are and not grow or press into the heart of God’s will for their lives.   God has a warning for the complacent women of Isreal in His word.   I am glad God was not complacent about sending Jesus His only Son to die on a cruel cross for the saving of my soul, delivering me from bondage and blessing me with His marvelous love and faithfulness.   He is ever watchful over me and all of His children.  He does not miss a thing when it comes to His children.  He is still on the throne, did not fall off or get voted out of office, or pushed off.  He has not gone to sleep or become deaf or blind.   All things are upheld by His mighty power and His word.  He listens to those who call upon Him with a sincere heart and will be found of Him.

Please see my post on “How to recognize the Prophetic Calling” for some real practical advice and help. I think you will find it refreshing and informative.